Why don’t duplicate watches offer the same quality as the original one?

Luxury watches are a common trend nowadays. Many people want to buy expensive hand watches because most film stars, cricketers, and celebrities have costly watches on their hands. But the truth is, very few people can afford such expensive time accessories. That’s why duplicate watches have taken place in the market. In some cases, the watches look almost identical to the original one. But they hardly last long.

Duplicate watches are actually made for the looks. They just decorate a person’s outlook with dignity using the brand value of some other renowned brand. Using this customer demand, many companies make replica watches. There are many renowned shops or websites that sell replica watches along with the original ones. They ensure quality products to their customers. For example, we can say about Watchlu.com. They have a huge collection of good quality replica as well as original watches of some worldwide renowned watch-making brands. They sell watches all over the world with pride.

However, some other shops or companies cannot be able to ensure the good quality of a replica watch. But that doesn’t mean they are intentionally selling these types of products in the market. Let’s describe the reason behind this :

Marketing Price

Original watches are very high-priced. But for people demand, companies need to sell that looking watches at a lower market price. Now in order to cut off such huge pricing, they have no alternative way except sacrificing the product quality. And that’s how replica watches actually are sold at a lower price with lower configuration and less durability.

Build Material

Replica watches are made for representing a good look. But to cut the price point, companies have to use cheaper build material. Good quality materials are very costly. For example, the oscillator spring used in the original ROLEX is made of platinum were the replica watch contains steel or some other materials. These types of cheap materials get downgrade over time.

Manufacturing cost

One of the important reasons behind this quality variation is the manufacturing cost. While dealing with high-quality raw materials you have to ensure comparatively good manufacturing process. That’s why the cost is high. But in case of a replica variant, they build those watches through an easy and cheap manufacturing process. And for this, they can sell at a low price also. So, manufacturing cost plays an important roll in this case.

So, more or less these are the reasons behind why replica / duplicate watches cannot offer the same quality as the original one. But we can also see some shops sell very low quality duplicate watch at a high price which is not suitable for that grade product. Sometimes they even sell those products to customers telling them that these are original. This type of frud behaviour should be stopped. So keep your eyes open, research before buying and take help from an experienced person. And always purchase from a renowned shop or online marketplace. Thanks for reading!

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