Barcelona’s new jersey: is it worthy?

The jersey restores its conventional vertical stripes this season but adds gold as a hallmark. The ‘Blaugrana’ stripes are bordered by gold bars on either side, reminiscent of the Club Crest logo that the team wore on their shirts in the 1920s. Another excellent aspect of the new design is the gold-coloured rim of the round neck collar while the Catalan “Senyera” flag appears on the back just below. The complete set also includes blue shorts on one side with a vertical maroon stripe, also with a gold rim, and horizontally stretched shirt socks which imitate the shirt design. Again, the jersey of this season is sold with the Rakuten logo on the front and Beko’s logo on the left side, the two partners in the men’s team and the Stanley logo, the two women’s team partner.

Just for Culers is the name that is widely known to Bar Fans. The word ‘Culer’ was published from 1909 to 1922 when fans were seated on the grandstand and passers-by were only able to see a group of bums (‘culs’ in Catalan) seated on the top of the wall. The word ‘Culers’ became more popular in the early 1970s and is stronger than ever.

Inspired by the first Golden Age of the Club

In the 1920s, football became a major phenomenon in the city and FC Barcelona gained great attention with iconic players such as Samitier, Alcántara, Zamora, Sagi, Piera and Sancho, who were the first local heroes of Barça. Together they formed a legendary side which attracted huge crowds and in 1922 they built Les Corts, its own first stadium clubs. Among the many victories of that period, the Spanish Championship was most celebrated (now Copa del Rey), won against Real Sociedad in 1928, and FC Barcelona was the first Spanish League winner in 1929, a tournament which would continue to become the country’s most important Championship.

Sustainability Pledge

The shirts are made of 100% recycled polyester, crafted from recycled plastic bottles molten in order to produce a fine thread. The consequence is a substance that not only improves athletic efficiency but also has a less environmental impact.

So, regarding all this it seems the jersey is worthy. What’s your opinion?

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