If we buy a fake Gucci bag from the replica handbag website, then how can we know if what we get is good or not? Here are a few tips for your Gucci bag that you need to read.

The 1.GG Logo

The majority of Gucci handbags have the double GG Gucci logo on the exterior. The left G is forward facing and the right G is back facing. Check carefully if they are consistent.

2.Label by mark

There will be a code tag, serial number and ‘Make In Italy’ tag on the inside of the Gucci bag. If they are simple or not, carefully check.

3.Sewing in order to

It is important to finish the clean, tidy, even and straight stitching of the replica Gucci bag.


The bag’s hardware should be shiny instead of rusty. It is possible to etch multiple bits and if so, the engraving should be easy to identify.


The bulk of the Good Replica Gucci bag will be a dust packet, a Controllato card, an information booklet, as well as a Firenze card.

So if the replica Gucci bag you buy has the above features from the websites of replica handbags, it must be a great Gucci replica bag.

If you are looking for these types of replica bags at a cheap rate then might help. They have a vast collection of such bags. Have a visit today!

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